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Industry Spotlight

Agricultural Industry: Pressure Gauges & Instruments

Your First Choice for Agricultural Pressure Instruments 

The agriculture industry is one of constant innovation and continuous production. Efficiency is critical to any operation in this field, which means your agricultural pressure instruments must be up to the task. That’s why ESP is such an excellent choice. Our company offers a superb selection of wellmade instruments. Trust our gauges to provide consistent, accurate measurements at all times. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, but we’re also committed to providing great customer service. You know better than anyone what kind of instruments you need, but in certain cases it might be helpful to have additional data at your disposal. Our team would be honored to assist you in finding the right product. 

A Gauge for Any Application 

Within the agricultural industry, there are an enormous range of possible applications. That’s why we offer a comprehensive line of pressure gauges. Every product we sell boasts distinct features and options. We make it easy to find an instrument that matches your application, saving you time and helping you make certain that you have the reliable measuring equipment your operation requires. 

Our Gauge Selection 

ESP proudly offers a variety of pressure gauges for agriculture. We hope you’ll take the time to learn more about our agriculture gauges, all of which include lower and back mount options. 

The AG Series 

These stainlesssteel gauges are glycerin filled and feature easy to read 2 1/2” or 4” dials. They include brass sockets and 1/4” connections, with a single PSI scale. 


201L – Like the AG gauges, the stainlesssteel PRO 

201L – is glycerin filled and includes a brass socket. It offers a 2 1/2” dial, a 1/4” connection, and dual BAR/PSI scales. 


301LFW – Enjoy dual BAR/PSI scales and the cleanliness of stainless steel with the SEC 

301LFW – This gauge features a 2 1/2” dial and a 1/4” connection. 


The 101D is a dry utility gauge featuring a black steel case and a chrome bezel. It offers 

various dial and connection sizes to suit your operational requirements, dual BAR/PSI scales, 

and a brass socket. 

An Expectation of Quality 

All of our agricultural gauges are made with unerring precision. The manufacturing process 

for all of our products lives up to the high standards we’ve set. Contact us today to learn more 

and find out why so many agricultural operations turn to us for their pressure instruments.