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Bourdon USA Product Offering

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Process instruments for reliable measurements.

Our Bourdon brand offers a broad product portfolio tailored specifically for the USA market demands. As the “Original” inventor of the Bourdon Tube, we naturally focus on the “internals” and providing the highest standards of quality in the industry.

A Diaphragm Seal Supplier You Can Trust

Bourdon offers a wide range of process instruments for reliable measurements. Our products are used for applications in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, energy, water treatment, HVAC, and more. Additionally, we engineer solutions specifically designed to match your requirements. Our commitment to worldwide certified quality is unmatched. All of our solutions are based on experience and optimized to the industries we serve. We’re proud of our history, yet committed to continual innovation, leveraging the latest production techniques to the benefit of our customers. Our vast selection is matched only by our prompt response time. Manufacturing excellence is at the core of all we do.  

Why Choose Our Products

There is no substitute for quality. When it comes to machine building, water treatment, food and beverage processing, and other industries we serve, precision is everything. Bourdon provides accurate thermometers, pressure gauges, and diaphragm seals. Our broad selection also includes thermowells, electronic pressure instruments, and pressure accessories. No matter the environment, our instruments will function with supreme reliability in all circumstances. The Bourdon name is synonymous with dependability, and our portfolio reflects our comprehensive and rigorous approach. Expect the highest quality. It’s what makes us who we are.